Seki Magoroku Imayo

Imayo is part of Kai's Seki Magoroku range of knives. Many celebrated swords were born in the Seki area during the Kamakura era. The master craftsman “Magoroku of Seki” harnessed the original techniques to produce swords of great quality, sharpness, strength and beauty.

Made in Japan, these beautiful knives feature a hammered finish - tsuchime (tsoo-CHEE-may) in Japanese - which creates air pockets that improves food release when cutting.

Like others in the Kai family, the handle is made from hard wearing PakkaWood® which enables durability and comfort, as well as making it an attractive looking knife to have in your collection. 


Cutting Edge

Sharpened to 15° double-bevel blade


Molybdenum Vanadum stainless steel with tsuchime finish


Traditional handle in black PakkaWood finish


Handcrafted in Japan