With a rich heritage dating back to 1956, Borner has solidified its global reputation as a pioneer in crafting innovative kitchen tools of the highest quality. Renowned for its flagship patented “V-slicer” mandoline, as well as a range of other indispensable tools like peelers, julienne  slicers, and graters, Borner is dedicated to providing functional, user-friendly, durable and safe solutions.

Crafted with precision in Germany, Borner’s products epitomise excellence. Designed with premium quality materials, these kitchen tools ensure swift, secure, and effortless preparation of fresh, wholesome foods.

Borner’s slogan, “Change your life!”, resonates with their commitment to enhancing the lives of their customers. By streamlining meal preparation and enabling a better approach to cooking, Borner empowers individuals to embrace a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.