Lodge Chef Collection Double Dutch Oven 5.7L

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The 5.7L Double Dutch Oven is the piece every home cook dreams about. You get a lid, a Dutch oven, and a grill pan all in one!

The lid converts to a 26cm Dual Handle Grill Pan. When used as a lid to the Dutch Oven, the grill lines evenly distribute moisture for a solid baste. When used as a grill pan, you get a restaurant-quality sear. The Dutch oven is perfect for roasts, no-knead bread recipes, soups, and stews. Easily move around your kitchen with the comfortable, aligned handles. Experience excellent heat distribution and retention for consistent, even cooking. Seasoned and ready to use.

- Seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil for an easy-release finish,
- Ergonomic handles for improved control,
- Use in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a fire,
- Great for induction cooktops,
- Get a restaurant-quality sear.

Dutch Oven:
Inside Width: 27cm
Height with lid: 16.8cm
Outside Width: 29cm
Total Length (handle to handle): 36.5cm

Inside Width: 26.5cm
Outside Width: 29cm
Total Length (handle to handle): 36.5cm

Total Weight: 7.14kg
Total Capacity: 6.6L

Heat tolerance: Will easily take heat beyond 260°C, perfect for bread making and more.

Made in USA.