Lodge Chef Collection Square Grill Topper 28cm

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Turn your barbecue into a short-order kitchen with this square grill topper. The perforated holes in the signature teardrop design infuse food with that delicious grill flavour and the comfortable, lifted handles make it easy to manoeuvre as you cook.

- Seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil for an easy-release finish,
- Large perforated cooking surface infuses food with barbecue flavour,
- Ergonomic handles for great control and easy lift,
- Perfect for use outside on the grill/barbecue or over an open fire,
- Get a restaurant-quality sear.

Inside Width: 26.7cm
Height of Topper: 2.2cm
Height with handle: 3.6cm
Total Width: 28cm
Total Length (handle to handle): 36.8cm
Weight: 2.29kg

Made in USA.