Lodge Mini Serv Bowl 0.35L 17x13x6cm Heat Enhanced

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The mini round bowl features Lodge's patented heat-treating process that inhibits rust for worry-free maintenance.

From fine dining to home cooking, Lodge servers add authenticity to any table. This serving bowl stays hot from oven to table, and is perfect for serving hot soups or chilled desserts. Most importantly, the heat-treated nature of this seasoned cast iron server means it can be put in the dishwasher for an easy clean.

For Hospitality Trade enquiries, please contact at sales@petergower.co.nz.

Inside Diameter: 11.7cm
Height: 4.4cm
Outside Width/Diameter: 12.7cm
Outside Length (handle to handle): 17cm
Height to handle: 6cm
Weight: 0.66kg
Capacity: 350ml

Made in USA.

Use & Care:

  • We advise the same use and care as traditional cast iron, including regular seasoning with vegetable oil to preserve the finish.
  • Just because it is rust resistant, does not mean the seasoning will stay on without proper care. In order to get a nice non-stick surface regular care and seasoning must be applied to the heat-enhanced cast iron, just like traditional cast iron.
  • Commercial dishwashers can be used as the cycle is generally under 5 minutes. Residential dishwashers can be used but the seasoning will be affected (the layer of oil that helps food not to stick when cooking) so at home, we recommend handwashing and drying as you would any Lodge Cast Iron cookware.
  • As always, warm iron takes the oil better when seasoning. While letting water sit on the iron will not rust the piece, drying directly after washing is still recommended for the sake of seasoning your Lodge cookware.

Heat Treated Cast Iron - Let's get technical:

  • Heat treating is NOT a coating, the Lodge Heat-Treated range is sent into a specialised furnace to go through a proprietary heat treating process which diffuses nitrogen into the surface of the cookware. The addition of nitrogen creates a change in the make up of the iron's surface which protects it from oxygen, therefore inhibiting oxidation (rust).
  • This is a permanent change in the structure of the cast iron, and not a coating. There is no visual or textural difference between the traditional and heat-enhanced cast iron and we season it just the same.
  • This process makes the cast iron rust resistant, NOT rust proof.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What testing has been done on the heat-enhanced cookware?

  • It has been tested at Lodge’s test facility. Such tests include: endurance tests in a commercial and residential dishwasher, and soak tests. These dishwasher tests are in addition to the traditional heat distribution and cooking tests conducted on traditional Lodge cast iron.
  • The heat-enhanced cast iron is safe for use in a commercial dishwasher (cycle time 5 minutes or less).
  • In fact, our test pieces survived over 400 consecutive cycles in a commercial dishwasher without significant rust.
  • Use in a residential dishwasher will not cause significant rust but will remove seasoning due to the length of cycle.

Does the heat treatment cause any leaching into food cooked on heat-enhanced cast iron?

  • No, since the heat treatment is not a coating but a change in molecular structure, there is no danger of chemical leaching, etc. All elements present in the heat-enhanced cookware are safe - the air we breathe is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.

How long will the heat treatment last?

  • With proper use and care, the heat treatment will be permanent.

How deep is the cast iron heat-enhanced?

  • Our cast iron is 3.8mm thick at its thinnest point. The heat-enhancement is effective to 0.38mm below the surface.

Is it possible to scratch through the heat-enhanced surface?

  • Normal use of metal utensils or cutting food with a knife on the iron will not go deep enough to reach the non-heat-enhanced iron below. In order to get down to the untreated iron, the cookware would have to endure being dropped on a hard surface or severely scratched (like sanding) to cause a deep chip or gash in the surface.

How long has the heat-enhancing process been around?

  • The type of heat enhancement that is done on our cast iron (nitriding) has been around since the early 1900’s. It has been used on countless other cast iron items, but never before on cast iron cookware.

Will re-seasoning ruin the heat-enhancement?

  • No. This process cannot be undone.

Is it necessary to dry heat-enhanced cast iron right away or can I let it air dry?

  • While letting water sit on the iron will not rust the piece, drying directly after washing is still recommended. As always, warm iron takes the oil better when seasoning.