Lodge Blacklock Double Burner Griddle 51 x 25cm

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Blacklock triple seasoned, lightweight cast iron cookware is a new gourmet line that celebrates the company’s storied past while debuting great strides of advancement in the cast iron category. From the Lodge foundry, the new Blacklock pieces are at least 25% lighter so easier to lift, carry and handle and triple seasoned, creating naturally non-stick heirlooms to enjoy for generations.

With ""77"" cast into the iron, what better way to celebrate two moments in our history than with a versatile cast iron double burner griddle? In 1877, Joseph married his wife, Anna Elizabeth, and a hundred years later, their grandson reconstructed the foundry and kept workers employed through a tough economic time.

Use this double burner griddle to make delectable French toast, grilled brie and bacon sandwiches and tasty flat iron steak.

Additional features:

- Elevated handles for added comfort and great control,
- Generous cooking surface fits over two stovetop burners,
- Great for induction cooktops with a ""bridge"" element,
- Low, spatula-friendly side,
- Drip tray catches any grease.

The Blacklock Double Burner Griddle (BL77DGINT) is compatible with induction cooktops.  When using our double burner items on induction cooktops, your stove should have a bridge element to ensure the cookware heats evenly (and to prevent a cool spot in the middle).  Helpful tip: preheating cast iron slowly helps to ensure more even heating. 

Triple Seasoned:

  • Blacklock, like all Lodge cast iron, has natural cooking oil baked onto the surface. This forms a protective layer for an easy-release finish. The difference? Blacklock is seasoned three times, making the surface naturally non-stick.
  • The more you cook with your cast iron, the better the seasoning.
  • Treat your Blacklock investment just as you would Lodge Cast Iron.

Griddle cooking surface: 44 x 23cm
Height: 3cm
Griddle Base Measurement (for induction cooktops with bridge element): 45 x 25.4cm
Total Griddle size (with handles): 50.8 x 25.4cm
Weight: 3.66kg

Made in USA.